Device Grading

Grading Scale

Grades A, B and C are considered cosmetic grades. D and F grades are considered fault grades.

You may click on the grade below to search for available product of that grade on our Bargain Shelf.

'A' - Same as our normal store items, where the item will have little to no wear.

'B' - Minor wear, including worn keys, touchpad, palm rest, or rubbing/minor scratches on the enclosure.

'C' - Noticible wear, including heavy shine on the keys, touchpad and palm rest, major scratches on the enclosure, as well as minor denting or bending (such that it isn't hazardous to use).

'D' - Device will have hardware issues, but otherwise is operable. Issues may include a damaged or dead port, a dying battery, and/or enough damage to the enclosure that it exposes the internals of the device, or broken glass.

'F' - Device will not boot or power on, or some components are missing. This grade is typically reserved for devices intended to be sold for parts.

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